CPanel says "403 Forbidden" after trying to configure the error pages for a website

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You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

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This is in the CPanel. I am receiving a 403 error after trying to input details in the form for the error page types (400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, etc.)
Also before you say, this website will redirect requests to my server as its a hosting website that I made for friends.

Hi EricPlayzYT,

Your domain is missing DNS records (the A record) for reaching IF servers.


Please check your settings before attempting to change the error pages.


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Hi @chiucs123
I double-checked my website and I confirmed that it does work for me,
This may be just DNS records adapting for you, as this is a domain which is one provided by InfinityFree already on IF nameservers.

Edit: I ended up using just the .htaccess file to configure the ErrorDocument property, thanks for the quick recognition of a new post anyways!


Free hosting NS is down


Then how come I can still see my websites, and also this issue has been solved.
It may only be down for select countries or regions.

Usually, ISPs and network administrators of every level would have some sort of DNS caching to improve network performance, if you have visited the website before, somewhere upstream of your connection would have your DNS records cached somewhere with a considerable expiration lifespan before the NS went down.

For those who never visited your website and attempts to visit your website during the downtime, we get no response as they are down and upstream caches do not have your records, hence the DNS error.

I can confim that using another location, I can see your website and the subsequent redirection.


I have Firefox and a Ubiquiti router, it seems fine on my end and it updates on every refresh.
I got sent to a website every time I tried to register an account for the whole last year, this is a great example of good old DNS caching. To prevent this, you can just change your Primary DNS to something else, like or

You may also want to try the error pages feature in the client area. The control panel one has some security filters that will block you if you enter “something suspicious”, which could also be a completely normal URL.

The client area allows any URL, and even lets you use files as error pages instead of URLs.


I entered a URL for my own website, the same website and yeah, not too much going on there with “suspicion”

Did you try to use ErrorDocument directives in your .htaccess?

ErrorDocument 403

This should work a couple of months ago, please tell me if I’m wrong.


Please don’t underestimate how nonsensical filters can be.

And I’m well aware of how stupid that filtering can be. That’s the main reason why the client area version of the feature exists.


I did. That was the solution.

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My bad. Didn’t see your previous post :sweat_smile:


But people can abuse this by setting up their own ErrorDocument property in the .htaccess file anyways. I don’t really get why there is a filter.
Edit: so is this just a third-party hosting provider problem?

Very probably. I believe this has something to do with those legal stuffs, let’s just let them do those seemingly unnecessary things.


alright, I will stop asking questions now :joy:

My best guess is that it’s to protect the control panel against remote code execution, SQL injection, XSS and other cyber attacks directed at the control panel itself. Other features, like Redirects, suffer from the same issue.

Also, I don’t think these filters are designed to actually block certain URLs, but rather to protect the control panel against malicious input data.

If you want to learn more, you can read up on Web Application Firewalls and mod_security.

I don’t think it’s to protect your hosting account, because as you said, you can configure whatever error pages you want yourself.


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