cPanel Redirect not working


When I click the control Panel Button it opens the redirecting page, that doesn’t redirect

Possible Reason

Through the “Network” section, there is a failed request (

Other Information

Please Read → I’ve found a way to login in the cPanel, but It’s a slow way, I take the infos from the Redirecting Network and put them in the VP Panel login


Which redirecting page do you mean? Does it have InfinityFree client area branding or control panel login page branding?

And does the loading indicator still spin? The login sometimes is a bit slow, but if you wait it should still log you in.


this page ^

the button doesn’t work too

From the “Network” section I can double click on the request sent to the VP Login and after I do it, all the information sent are displayed so I can take this information (username and password) to access

So it’s not a big problem for me, but it could be if it happens to someone else who doesn’t know it

It works for me, so try clearing your cache and cookies.

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