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Looks like my access to cpanel has been compromised. I cannot change the password because it looks like the email has been replaced. The error message I get is:
the user name and email pair doesn’t match
I double checked the email that I used when registered the account but still the same error message. I can login to without issues.

A website that i used to have should not have any content but it has some ads on it and it’s not my website. The domain name is registered with Blacknight and I have access to my Blacknight account, so i decided to deregister the domain. I would like to verify why i can’t access the cpanel and if my account was compromised i would like to change credentials.

You can do that from the client area

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I did that for the client area, but that password doesn’t work when i want to login to cpanel.

You changed the password using the “Edit Account” button, after selecting the account you are having issues on, correct?

And are you using the “Control Panel” button in the control panel?



i changed my password with Edit Profile option. I cannot access the control panel.

That changes your client area password, not your hosting account password.

Click on “Accounts”
Select your account
Select “Edit Settings”
Locate the password section and change your password.


You should change password here

What you did was changing the client area password


Thanks guys i got it :slight_smile:

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