not secure

I’m trying to use Auto-Install Free SSL (plugin for Wordpress) that needs CPanel API access. However is insecure and it seems its SSL certificate has expired.

Is this a known issue?

Plugins which require to use cPanel to request free SSL are not supported on free hosting. You will need to generate a SSL certificate from the Client Area and install it on your hosting account or use Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL Mode in order to have an SSL certificate for your domain.

6 Likes is not a usable URL. You should use (without the cPanel port) instead.

And we’re not going to bother to setup a valid SSL certificate on an endpoint which doesn’t provide a usable service.


@admin i just checked and it still not safe


It was safe and is still safe. To me, the certificate looks like in @anon19508339’s screenshot: valid until August.

If you see a different certificate, then you are not connected to our control panel. Either you’re using the wrong URL, or someone is trying to break into your connection. In any case, that’s something only you can fix.


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