Cpanel does not open, website does not open

Hi, my internet is fine but when I follow the cpanel URL ( I get the following results:
Cannot connect to the website
Please make sure:

  • You have entered the correct URL.
  • You are connected to the Internet.
  • Your firewall is properly configured.
  • The website is not currently encountering technical problems.

    All other website including this forum are opening.

My website also does not open:


Hi. Try refreshing after clearing cache. If that doesn’t help, Open Command Prompt (Start + R > Type ‘cmd’ > OK . Then type the following code.

ipconfig /flushdns

Press OK button and reload the browser. If any of these doesn’t help, Try with another web browser and tell if it loads. Also try with another network (such as your mobile phone data instead of wireless router). Tell the results, so anyone can help you better.

Thanks @GadgetPodda. I have tried the above. It seems there are some hours the Cpanel and the site are down. Everyday, for some hours I cannot access the site or the Cpanel. But then later they both open.
All other websites are working perfectly but just these two. Are free accounts scheduled to be offline for a specific period of time everyday?

As i know, There is no such downtime. I haven’t faced that problem yet.

The site apparently is down everywhere. Not just me:

This happens everyday. Sucks.

What is that issue, actually?

The issue is this. Several times a day, everyday, Cpanel and my site are down. I am unable to access them.The time I sent the link of Is it down just for me, the result showed it was down everywhere. Right now going to the Cpanel, I get the message: Cannot connect to the website. But my internet is fine and all other sites are opening.

It happens like this then all of a sudden it opens.


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