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Since the last post I found was two years ago and the brexit might have an impact, short question:

Are the servers still in the UK? Is there a plan to move it in the future because of brexit?

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In my opinion, the servers aren’t moving anywhere… yet… it’s quite unlikely that the servers will be moved just because of brexit.

It’s up to iFastNet to decide whether they will moved the free hosting servers, but I don’t see any reasons that will make iFastNet moved the free hosting servers located outside of the UK because of brexit.

Thanks for the response. I am asking because there are different laws and regulations when your server is not in the EU and nobody knows yet, which impact brexit will have on that.

Oh yeah, I see your point.

If it’s about being compliant to law then maybe the company will simply just change their terms and privacy and of course being written by a professional lawyer to be able to comply with new laws and regulations. I don’t really know that much with international and foreign laws so I’m absolutely not certain.

Just my opinion

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iFastNet is a UK company. If Brexit had any impact on their choice as to where to host their servers, it would make more sense for them to move away from continental Europe, and not move onto it.

For InfinityFree, which is in the EU, it would be preferable to move away from the UK and into another EU country.

But we’re working with a UK company. I’d rather work with a EU company, but to my knowledge, there is no company in the world who provides a service similar to iFastNet, so we’re kinda stuck with them.

I too am curious as to what the consequences of Brexit will be. But we’re private companies providing digital services, so closed borders or strict government regulation shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

If you don’t want to run that risk and would prefer to host your website in the EU, I completely understand. But our servers aren’t going anywhere.


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