Couldnt find the DNS Record

<I have bought the domain from and hosted in infinite free. Identified that you are the hosting and email provider. However, when I checked if my email reaches the inbox for the receiver. But it ends up landing in spam folder.

Understood that I need to fix the SPF record. Also When i check online, it shows up there is no DNS record found. Please help me with the procedure further.

Spam filters are controlled by the receiving email provider. If an email ends up in a spam filter, only the receiving email provider can tell you how their filtering works and why your message was classed as spam. There is no set of steps, configurations or DNS records you can use to guarantee your message will never be rejected and never marked as spam. Because if there was, all spammers would be using it too!

A good place to start debugging delivery issues is to send an email to will generate a spam score for your email, and give you recommends on how you can improve it. If you need help interpreting the results or implementing some of the recommendations, just share the results here so we can help you.

If you want to setup an SPF record, you can use the control panel menu conveniently called “SPF Records” to set that up.

If says all is fine but your email still ends up in spam, then your guess is as good as ours. Only the receiving email provider can tell you why they mark an email as spam.


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