Could someone help me with making rounded corners on an image in photoshop 7?

I hope theres someone out there that knows photoshop 7 and can help me with this

what im trying to do is to load my image.png into photoshop 7 (the image is on a layer not on background) and give it rounded transparent corners. basically trying to remove the square corners from the image

ive been googling this for a while but I just havent been able to find a solution



The other answers lead me to believe that I might have read between the lines a bit too much and therefore misunderstood the question. Just in case I didn’t, here’s my answer.

Before I explain the process, here’s an example of what I think you want…

enter image description here

Things do get a bit complicated when you wish to export different size images with rounded corners.

I would perhaps do that with the help of Channels, Gaussian blur and Levels:

  1. Open one of the files you wish to give rounded corners.
  2. Start recording a new action.
  3. Select all Ctrl + A.
  4. Top menu: Select > Modify > Border.... Width: 1 pixels.
  5. In the Channels panel, click Save selection as channel icon (Looks the same as Layer mask icon in Layers panel).
  • If there’s a chance that your image documents already contain channel Alpha 1, you might wanna click that icon while pressing Alt and give it a distinct name. That way you don’t accidentally take a selection from a wrong channel later on.
  1. Click on the channel you just made, to select and reveal it.
  2. Deselect Ctrl + D.
  3. Top Menu: Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.... Try to make the blur radius visually the size you want your rounded corner to be.
  4. Levels are used to make that blurry rectangle into a crisp rounded rectangle Ctrl + L.
  • This requires a bit more explanation:
  • You’ll definitely want to zoom in for these steps so that you can hone in the sharpness of the edge.
  • First move the black arrow as far to the right as it takes for the sides of the blurred rectangle to reach the edges of your document. ( …or you can also leave some padding for like a Drop shadow or something. )
  • Then move the white arrow to the left so that all of the arrows are overlapping.
  • Click here for a gif example of that
  1. Take a selection of the channel you made by Ctrl clicking its thumbnail.
  2. Turn RGB channel back on Ctrl + 2
  3. Apply a layer mask based on the selection.
  • In the Layers Panel click the Layer mask icon while pressing Alt
  1. Now you can save the document to the folder where you want to save the images once you run batch process. I used Save for web…
  2. Then close the document Ctrl + W.
  3. Stop recording the action.
  4. Top menu: File > Automate > Batch...
  • Select the action you recorded.
  • Select source folder.
  • Destination: none. ( Because your action already saves the files )

On a mac replace every Ctrl with Cmd.


thanks again
btw I just found this tutorial thats even easier !
works in photoshop 7 too

Ok, great you found a solution :slight_smile:

Why not just use an online tool if you want to round the corners of an image?
I know this one works quite well: Round PNG Corners – Online PNG Maker


sorted now, found that 2 min video on youtube thats so simple

I actually was almost there with my experiments but what I was missing is holding alt while hovering between the two layers


works really well, no messing around with blur or anything and generates nice smooth curves

you can also use CSS to make such images for you

and everything that is in the appropriate container or say has an img tag
it will be rounded (while the original image below is of course a quadrangle)

try here with border-radius: 5%;


oh wow thanks OxyDac I didnt know that was possible

great solution, i’ll try it now thanks

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great I made a new class img.rounded and it works perfectly


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