Could not fetch Site map error in google console

**My website URL is **

What I’m seeing is: " General HTTP error ", “Sitemap could not be read”, “Could not fetch”

I’m using this software: hi guys, I am using plugin Yoast SEO in Wordpress, I am trying to submit sitemap on google console and then I am facing this error “General HTTP error”. Please solve it

This will not work, since Google tries to crawl your site from that and on free hosting all crawlers and bots are blocked from crawling sites.

ok k sir thanks for the information.

Except Google ones.

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Some Google ones don’t work as well.

Google bots are capable of executing javascript.

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So what is the solution, i want to submit the sitemap of my website. How can i do it ?

Ups wrong plugins…
I’m using this plugin XML Sitemap Generator for Google – WordPress plugin | instead,but make sure to disable Xml Sitemap feature in your Yoast SEO plugin settings

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thanks for the information. i’ll try it nd then inform you

It says very clearly to me that it is not found. Check to see if the file exist.

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