Could not create account with custom domain

I was trying to create an account with custom domain
Domain dns is changed already and shows good,
but when going through the creation steps,
it says " The domain name is already added to a hosting account on InfinityFree. Please login to the control panel for the account to remove the domain from the existing account.". It’s not added yet!

On the other hand, when checking domain on Login to your account - InfinityFree,
it says " The domain is not assigned to an InfinityFree account. Please add the domain to a hosting account to show a website on it."

Could anybody help with the issue, thanks!

I see this


Please remove domain from PFH


Thanks for the information!

That is helpful,
I will remove and close the account in PFH now and see how it goes.:slight_smile:

I’ve closed account on PFH(I don’t see any option to remove domain, only close account option), but still could not add custom domain here,
same error message.

Do you have any idea?

You do not close the account before domain is removed.

You can deleted domain here


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