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I am trying to access a webcam JPG that I am uploading via FTP through another domain ( but I am receiving a CORS error.

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I have added this to an .htaccess file in the htdocs folder…

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where exactly are you experiencing the problem? The URL you linked to has InfinityFree’s default welcome page.


So sorry but I think the issue is mine. Can you confirm that this service, by design, will not let me upload webcam images and view them on another website? I am getting a CORS error.

You can upload picture and view them, that’s kind of a basic feature of website hosting


Right, but I can’t link to them and view them from another domain. I’m trying to view this image:

Where exactly is the image meant to show, could you please clarify as I can’t locate it? The URL you shared works fine for me.

If you are trying to load the image from an InfinityFree website to a different site, however, this system is likely the reason why it does not display correctly:


I appreciate your time and responses. I’m afraid that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to load an image from an InfinityFree website onto a different website. It looks like I’m out of luck?

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Because InfinityFree is a webhosting provider, and not a storage provider, we don’t allow you to do that, no.

You can use a service like postimages for image hosting, or just host the other domain with us


Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I don’t think postimages allows uploads via FTP?

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Thanks for your time. InfinityFree is an excellent service! I guess it just doesn’t work for my application.

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