CORS issue

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CORS Issue

The API is loaded but i think the URL is not able to access it

I get a 404 error. Please make sure all files are uploaded correctly and in the right spot. Note that all file names are case sensitive.

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I’m getting a error 404, are you sure the file is called “setup” and not “setup.php” or “setup.html”? Check if the file is in another directory.

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Just open the domain name, without the /setup to access the setup wizard.


I dont why there is an error but if I open browser and type the same URL its opening but not when I click on the link

And its getting redirected to setup even when I open the domain URL alone

Nevermind. It must be dynamic because it does load when accessing the site by the main domain. I see this page, but without a setting up the system I can’t view more. It looks like it is working fine.

I checked the page and it seems that the web page on is making AJAX requests to

This will not work, regardless of whether it’s intentional or not. This security system makes it impossible. Please move the API to the same domain as the website itself.

That’s because the URLs are pushed with a Javascript framework if you navigate to them from the home page. But you need .htaccess rules if you want direct links to work.

I once wrote this which may work for you too:

But you could also check the documentation of the web framework you’re using. Perhaps they have example .htaccess rules that work better for you.

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