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no error message but i want to disable CORS

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CORS is enabled by default.
If you need to bypass CORS restriction, please upgrade to premium hosting

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That’s not really how it works; Whatever hosting you use CORS will always be there. Its a standard web security feature present on all websites unless disabled.

You cannot disable CORS using a .htaccess file on this hosting, but you can disable it for individual PHP files by using this code at the top of your file:

header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");

I don’t think it will work…

I know it works, as when I used this hosting, it worked. Like it says in that post, its a server header, and that code sends the header from the server.

As the admin said in that topic: Our servers block all CORS, meaning the request will be rejected before it hits your PHP code. - this is not true. Yes, certain headers get sent before a file is loaded, however, these headers can be changed as the request reaches the file, because even if you set specific denial headers, the request will still reach the target page.


Great then! I learnt something today…


Only if you are using cloudflare, otherwise if you want to load it from another site then it’ll face into the browser check page which does not contain that header.


Yes you get the cookie check but not CORRs.

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