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I’m new at InfinityFree. I am setting up my Nameservers. Your webpage says to use ns[1-5], so I first put them. When I was registering my host, it says error and it needs to point to ns[1-2], so I again changed them to epizy’s and now it has been saying error for about 8 hours. What are the correct nameservers I should use, byet or epizy?


Can you please help? @Admin

Hi and welcome to the forum
You can leave on epizy NS now…
It doesn’t matter which one you choose because both versions point to the same place.
The worst is to change NS often because then you have to wait again for DNS propagation
( every time you make changes ).

What error did you see?
Your domain is ?

@Oxy hi and thanks. My domain is and as you can see in my domain is already pointing to epizy’s nameservers. When I try to register in InfinityFree, it gives me this error:

Your domain is not yet pointing to (i cant put the link of the nameservers because I’m new) and (the same here). Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

I changed them about 8 hours ago, what can i do to fix it?

Freenom user? looks like something went wrong with them !
Contact them and check if your domain status is OK.

It doesn't lead to us that's why the system tells you that error

;; Truncated, retrying in TCP mode.
;; communications error to end of file
;; communications error to end of file
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

Please keep in mind that the nameservers shown in the registry’s WHOIS servers may be different from the nameservers being returned by the actual nameservers of the registry. Most of time, the output is the same, but in some cases, they are not. They may be different if the domain name is inactive or because of a technical error with the registrar or registry. Judging by the rather ungraceful response of the registry’s nameservers, I suspect this is the latter.

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Okay. I changed them to Freenom’s, waited some time and updated them back to Epizy’s 24H ago and still the same error. What can I do to fix it? Should I contact them to know what’s going on?

From my experince, if your domain is newly created from Freenom, sometime you really have to wait the whole 72 hours/3 days until it active.

Yes, you should contact Freenom. The error makes me suspect Freenom’s nameservers are malfunctioning. This does not seem to be a configuration issue on your domain which you can fix, but a system issue which Freenom needs to fix.

However, that’s all speculation on my end. This is clearly an issue at Freenom, and Freenom’s staff is probably more qualified to help you with this than anyone here.


@NathanOn try to do this Unable to add domain - #5 by redpaw

The problem is probably the same as here (several posts below are also log from admin)

In short - The Freenom NS system acts as if the domain has not been added into their system.

Also it is always good to check account status on Freenom for this reason

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