Copyright Infrigment Notice - Admin Attention Needed

Hello @Admin
This is a topic made by me to inform you something that you should notice and report.

A person has completely copied InfinityFree, the whole source code maybe using sources or inspect element and has greatly used the Find and Replace tool to remove infinityfree from everywhere.

I would like you to take a look there.

This site has every single word similar to infinity free. Sadly this is not allowed in iFastNet, so it is worth reporting.
I am just informing, I don’t relate anywhere, and it’s truly wish that you want to report or not.


@anon19508339 Take a look you too!

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Why do you wake me up when i have no idea? :expressionless:
Anyways i’ll do it.

Lol WTF, it doesn't worth that you have zero coding experiences and steal someone's coding for your own project. I have no idea if that's the theme Admin has designed or not, but that's a copyright issue if that's designed by our Admin.
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Infinity Free uses the ‘Satria’ Template. If he has not a valid licence for the template then someone has to report it to the creator of the theme. If he has a licence tho I don’t know what we should do.


Interesting! i’m living under rock these days


Well, One thing for sure, they will never get the actual PHP code (Apart from the opensource MOFH api) which runs the client area.

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Mmmm interesting!


Correct. But still the front-end

Actually, I think they did copy and paste, as some of the AD codes are the same, like the Google Ad’s iframe’s, which are the same on both sites


They did i told already

But did they integrate AdSense with that code? If yes with which success?

lol ok :slight_smile:

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Not yet. He has not made the client area yet xD

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Ah :joy:


Also don’t mind to ping me everywhere, I’m too bored to ignore new topics, i check them and respond when i’ve an idea about.



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He is looking on various forums asking for source code of everything. He is just copy pasting from various sources into his website.

Oh, That’s just not fair, Admin spent so much work, and for someone to just copy.

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Exactly. I got to see him on let’s encrypt forums