Cookies - how many are stored and for how long?


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Hi, I first wanted to thank the admin and the whole team for this amazing hosting service. But I have a question regarding cookies. First, I don’t fully understand how many cookies are stored when visiting my website. Edge says it’s one cookie. But says there are 12 cookies. I used a bootstrap template and certainly did not add any cookies by myself. So, how many cookies are actually there?
My second question: The “__test” cookie is stored on the computer for around 15 years (!). I’m aware that cookies can be deleted. Still, I cannot think of any reason why a cookie wouold need to be valid for such a long time. Would it be possible to reduce that to a more reasonable time span, maybe, 6 months to 1 year?


The only cookie InfinityFree stores is the _test cookie, and its use is to validate the browser (Basically make sure it’s not a bot). However, services like Google Analytics and WordPress add many more cookies themselves.

There is no way to change the _test cookie, however it is set for such a long period so it only has to be set once, and never again. This allows the webpage to load (slightly) faster after the first visit.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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