Cookies are not enabled in yoir browser

My website is

When i open it in my phone it’s refreshing 3 times and redirected to ifastnet cookies.html that says your browser cookies are not enabled, but after i check in my browser settings, the third party cookies are enabled.

Othe information, i installed wordpress on my website.

Tried other browser?


Please note that you don’t need third party cookies. Just being able to accept cookies at all is fine, the security system sets first party cookies, which are the kind of cookies that will make many websites stop working if you disable them.

I checked your site and it seems fine from here, so I don’t think anything is wrong with your website.

All I can suggest at this point is try different browsers, different devices or different networks (I can guess that some mobile ISPs try to “optimize” websites by sticking a proxy in between that breaks sites).


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