Control panel not working

**My website URL is:*


**What I’m seeing is:Please Cheak screenshot i can’t open my C panal

**I’m using this software:WordPress

Additional information:

When do you get that error exactly?

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Almost recently While i was using c panal , It was working fine as i refreshed the page i got this now again and again

Please ,Reply How can i fix this , There is many important data in cpanal please , Its a request

If you got this error while refreshing, maybe your session has expired? Can you click the Control Panel button from the client area to login again and see if that helps?

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I have tried from there But Again got this error again and again

I just checked your control panel and it’s working fine from here. Can you please try logging in in private browsing mode just to make sure this is not caused by bad browser cache or cookies?


Try going back and typing /panel/indexpl.php

Have you tried using a computer rather than a mobile browser.

It seems your acount it is being suspended

Your account was suspended for malicious use.

Lol no only it is suspended and this sitecheck detects redirect to as virus

Apologies, I just scanned your site with virustotal, and its says it’s clean.

Yes it is

Okay, did you go to the client area to check if it is suspended?

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