Control Panel not working at all "The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server."

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Not Found
The requested URL /panel/modules/signout/index.php was not found on this server.

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I created 3 of the 3 possible accounts. First one works fine still but second pretty much immediately started to show this error message whenever I tried to access CONTROL PANEL. Therefor I created a new account that worked fine until right now and now always shows the same error. Does not depend on the device and has to be server related since account 1 still works fine and the issue persists on different devices…

Searched the web and it seems that this issue appeared several times already but never with a proper solution :frowning:

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This is the url that the button “Control Panel” should go to:

It then shortly loads a webpage with blue background and kind of box and quickly ends up at this is the url:

Account is not suspended, is it?

I don’t think so - I can access the website fine and there is nothing in deactivation history


This is what the sites look that shortly load once I click on “Control Panel”:

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Interestingly, when I access directly, it is working… There must be an issue with the connection or login process via ininityfree… I mean it is a workaround to access it that way but it is still annoying :confused:

Well, also after logging out and in on the same error page appears but afterwards going to again you’re suddenly logged in…

Oh yes, I too face this problem, but it happens on a random basis. I just clear my cache every time this happens to me :sweat_smile:. But still the issue needs to be taken care of.

clearing the cache does not work for me. Even not able to upgrade the account because once I enter the plan and domain I would like to use the same problem appears… Really makes me wonder if I should consider buying a pro plan at all if this is so buggy :frowning:

The pro plan is completely different, and does not have these problems. Plus, you get support by people who can actually fix things for you.


Please see this answer I gave to a topic about the same issue:

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