Control Panel Issue

I’ve been trying to access the control panel for for a bit now but it refuses to load. The file manager works fine but it times out/refuses to connect when I try to open either the Control Panel or access the SQL databases from the main accounts page.

The website still works fine as well as the SQL databases, files, etc it just refuses to let me into the control panel or databases.

When it doesn’t time out or fail to load it gives this error,

The hosting platform returned an unknown error. Please try again later or use the control panel.


I am having the same problem. The cPanel was working fine, but as soon as I installed WordPress, I can’t get into it anymore. It does the same thing. Hopefully, someone will get back to us soon.

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Hello @Blog_Noob and @CWExpanse

I can confirm that the control panel has been down for the past 50 minutes, and it looks like FTP just stopped working within the last 5 minutes.

Looking into it now, more information should be released soon.

→ See here for updated information: Control Panel and FTP Down