Contactform plug-ins for Wordpress

I am happy since i found two free plug-ins for Wordpress, which allow to create a contact form in Wordpress, working well on InfinityFree.

The first free plug-in is called WP Mail Bank. It reconfigures the wp_mail() function so you can set up your own outgoing email settings. You can use almost any SMTP service provider with this plugin. It works well with a gmail-account with 2 factor authentication & app specific password, for example.

The second free plug-in is called WPForms Lite. It has a simple designer for a contact form and that’s it.

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If you use Contact Form by WPForms, you should paired it with WP Mail SMTP by WPForms. They are developed by same developer.

But honestly, I don’t like plugin that:

  • has locked features (pro/premium).
    Moreover, if I don’t have a plan to use them. Waste of resources.
    The size becomes big because of them, but I won’t use them.
  • has complicated settings just for one function.

My recommendation plugins:

  • Post SMTP Mailer (or Easy WP SMTP if you use non-Gmail/non-OAuth/less secure login) for sending SMTP email.
  • Contact Form 7 for making contact form page.

But that does not mean I did a bad review of other plugins.
That is just my “personal flavor”.

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