Contact forms sent symbols ...

Contact forms on my site send characters!
Example: (R?S?R?S?S?R¶R ° R?R?R? R?R S?S?R?R ° C ± ‰ R?R?R?R?S,R?)
The problem is only when I wrote of Bulgarian language!
Also, all messages go to the folder SPAM!
For example forgotten password link sends the message to the spam folder and the user instead of the Bulgarian language sends it with symbols!
Site url:

I also want to ask how do I enable CloudFlare?

Hello @DEMONA. Are you sure that your E-Mails use HTML UTF-8 encoding tag? I am not really sure where you could enable this, but e-mails basicaly are HTML documents and in HTML documents you can add UTF-8 encoding tag which usually allows you writing letters of all the languages that exist in world.

If that tag is added to a HTML document then it doesn’t turn the symbols into random junk letters, but actually display them.

Perhaps you could find change it somewhere in the settings? Try to check your mail settings.

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Hello, @bbot22 .
Yes I’m sure all other forums work and receive letters from them without any problem, for example ( that uses the same bulletin board!
I tried to ABV.BG and GMAIL …
Whole forum is in UTF-8 encoding!