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I created a message form on my site, but I can not send a message through it and it gets stuck in sending mode
There is no problem in sending emails, I use the plugin.
please check it

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Wordpress Contact Form Plugin

Because IF does not support PHP Mail. You have to setup SMTP mailing. If the plugin you have does not have this feature, install the plugin “WP Mail SMTP” as well (Spelling of plugin may be off).


WP Mail SMTP is Installed and Using Gmail SMTP.
Contact Form Plugin Problem

Should work then. If not, something else is setup incorrectly.

I do not know how it is
Everything is set up correctly

What is the URL of the page not working? I only see a “mailto” link on your site.

The website is in preparation and has not yet been completed
The main website is something else

If you want me to check it I need the URL. You can PM me (Click my profile image) if you wish.

All I see is that your domain is suspended :weary:

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