Contact form of my website does not insert data

Mi sitio web:

Cuando envían datos del formulario de contacto de mi sitio web no se inserta en la base de datos. Aparece un mensaje de error
Ademas todos los formularios creados en mi sitio web no insertan datos a la base de datos. Aparece un mensaje de Error.
Al inicio dichos formulario estaban funcionando muy bien pero paso un tiempo y ya no. Solo aparece el mensaje de error cuando envían el formulario.

When they send data from the contact form of my website it is not inserted into the database. An error message appears
Also, all the forms created on my website do not insert data into the database. An Error message appears.
At the beginning, these forms were working very well but some time passed and they no longer. I only get the error message when they submit the form.

The contact form on this website is working fine for me! Note that this is an English speaking forum.


Please write in english…!
And It looks like working fine for me.

Please Share the error also!!! which you are talking about!


Mensaje enviado exitosamente = Message sent successfull

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Please try clearing your cache. If the information is still not posting to the database, please supply your code.



Sorry. was registration form

Then can you please share the registro.html source code?

Your contact form is using the file “mensaje.php” after contact form submission. Can you please share the contents of this file?


  1. How’d you use .html to call the database?
  2. I believe that it is an file extension issue. Should it be .php?
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Could you please update your code to retrieve the actual error message from the database connection and show it? You can use mysqli_connect_error (for the connection) and mysqli_error (for the queries) to see exactly why your connection/query could not be processed.


Thank you for your answers. I solved the problem. It was to modify the columns of the database were not null

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