Contact Form 7 email


I just want to include a contact form with Contact Form 7 plugin.
I’ve done that but no email is sent.
I also added my custom domain.

Do I need so set up something else?

Thank you!

Please use the search feature next time, many questions have been answered already! For example, the same question has been asked yesterday as well:

I read that thread and several others but couldn’t find the answer.
Please don’t getupset but in my question I was referring at sending emails form the contact form from my website hosted on infinityfree and not infinity free confirmation emails.

Look forward to hering an answer for this.


Well, due to spam complaints we currently filter outgoing e-mails and only let a few specific types of e-mails through. Right now, that’s just confirmation e-mails. So I’m afraid using the content form using our mail system won’t work right now. It looks like you’ll have to use an external mail service like Sendgrid or Mailjet for that.