Console warning after installing SSL

Website URL:

Why is there this warning on the console log? Is this a security issue? I’m a newbie so I’m a bit nervous.

Using this console may allow attackers to impersonate you and steal your information using an attack called Self-XSS.Do not enter or paste code that you do not understand.”

What do I need to do? I thought setting up the SSL Certificate would help with these issues.

And whyyy on earth can’t we include screenshots on here, would help a lot with describing a problem.

(Also I have problems with the page showing my background images, if anyone knows what to do I’d appreciate any tips, been searching around youtube trying everything they are doing, but no effect.)

No issue

Please make sure files are available. I am seeing a lot of 404



All my files are in the .htdocs. What am I missing?

Take note filenames are case sensitive on free hosting

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Yup, am aware of that. That’s why all the files are lower case.
So any ideas why some of the images are shown and some are not?

How large are any of the images? If they’re over 10mb, the server automatically deletes them.

Also check here:


The maximum file size is 8,4 MB, otherwise all the images are around 2-6 MB. And all my files are located in .htdocs, I don’t have any non-allowed file types on the page, nothing.
Heck of a mystery.

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