Connection timed out

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Connection timed out

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Connection timed out displays when trying to reach active domain site, hosted files on InfinityFree??

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NOTE; this is a direct issue with Infinity host, tried the epizy domain and same issue/ also cannot log in to File Manager???

Both those domains seam to be having DNS issues.

Remove the domain from your account (NOT the files or databases, just the domain) and add it back.

If that doesn’t work, go to your domain registrar and ensure your nameservers are set correctly.

it seems to be a direct issue with Infinity Host; other members are having the same message appear ‘Connection Timed Out/ Connection refused’ - I have revieved my 123reg nameservers and they show as correct, also trying Infinity main domain epizy show same message, the issue is with host

Your right. If you read my previous reply I told you how to fix it.

listen we shouldnt have to do this though; why should I have to remove a domain from a host if the problem is with the host service?? take some responsibility instead of users having to self diagnose the issue

Why me? I’m just a user like you, and I don’t get paid or special treatment. Also, it’s a free service, you should be happy you are getting anything at all. Also, you are not diagnosing the issue, we are, and we also give you the fix.

@a1astairstephen can you confirm it’s ok now?


nope, both websites will not load at all - after briefly returning to normal a day ago; I come back and see all users experience the same issue as before?? this issue is with InfinityFree hosting service, I request a legitimate answer from IF admin, the service fail to fix this problem over and over.

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