Connection Timed Out on website IPs - 95

Since the 10th of May, around 22:30 UTC, the following website IP addresses are down:


If your website is hosted on one of these IP addresses, you will see some kind of “Connection Timed Out” error on the website (the exact message varies by browser), for example:

  • The connection has timed out
  • Error 522 - Connection Timed Out

If you’re not sure which IP address your account is hosted on, this is how you can find out .

I don’t know yet why these IP addresses are down at this time. I’ll update this topic as soon as I know more.


It is online

Yes, about half an hour after posting this message, the IP addresses were restored.

There was a server issue which could not be solved remotely, but an engineer on site was quickly able to resolve the issue.



My site might under one those IP’s because it went down yesterday and was working during the later part of the day. But it stopped working since today morning and shows the same error “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”. Tried FTP it also is not working goes up until “establishing TLS connection” then says the connection timed out then switches to “waiting to retry” (using FileZilla).

I did try to find out my hosted IP but it’s not listed any where in my account only thing I can give you is my user name (epiz_24398652) and main domain.

This is a free account and appreciate if you guys could give us an update on what’s going on. I tried the site while writing this it’s still the same. My local time is 10.33 AM (GMT + 5.30), the site is a job board we use to make our programming stuff easy. Hope you guys can get the problem solved soon.

I am still getting the error

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I think after they fixed it, it went back down again after some time. But I really hope they give an update on this.

The server with IP Address: is probably down again.
My website is hosted on the server. Any timeline of when will be the server up again.

Please inform whether the database and files are safe? Is there any backup in case of server failure.

I’m on 93 and confirming it;s still down. Broswer shows “server IP address could not be found.”

93 just came back online

Yep it’s back up. Thank you Admins.


I am using about 10 accounts for my web development class and they were posting their final exam web page on May 11 and all of their sites are down–a message sent that CPU usage has been exceeded and their accounts are suspended. Now, on top of the hardship they have endured with schools closing and doing the class online, all their hard work creating their final website project has been lost. When will these accounts be restored? Or is their work lost?

It appears that there were more issues today. Between 22:00 UTC yesterday and 11:00 UTC today, the IPs were mostly down again. But it appears to have been resolved now.

@bruno5276896896 Your website is working fine for me, and it’s hosted on the IP address listed in the first post. If you’re still having problems, please create a new topic and describe the issue there, because it’s probably not related to this outage.

@cadysh If you have questions about account suspensions, please create a new topic rather than hijacking the first one in the list. But to answer your question, a suspension only makes the account in accessible. Your account’s contents will not be modified in any way, and will be exactly as you left it before it was suspended.

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Hi. I just started here and have not been able to get to my site at all
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

Thanks for any help

Your website is working fine from here. And ping requests to our network are blocked, so you’ll see the same on a perfectly functional website.

And like I said in my previous post in this, PLEASE DO NOT HIJACK THIS TOPIC WITH UNRELATED ISSUES. The symptoms and affected IP addresses are listed in the initial post. If your website is not on those IP addresses or does not show one of the error messages listed, you have a different issue, and should check or create a different topic for it.

Any further replies to this topic about unrelated issues will be flagged as off topic and deleted. When in doubt whether your issue is related, please create a new topic.

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Thanks for your cordial, customer-service oriented reply. I am sorry to have hijacked in this topic.

I think I was the one that inadvertently hijacked the thread and I apologize to all
I have been here 3 days and my first post … I’m on a roll.
I had no idea that they blocked pinging; that is usually my first tool in checking a web address
Again, sorry for a noob mistake

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