Connection Timed Out + ftp not working

Hi, 3 days back, I was getting 404 not found when I was trying to open my website and since yesterday it started showing connection timed out.
I tried accessing file manager, but it is always showing unable to connect to ftp server.
What’s the issue? Please someone help.

How are you not seeing the message on the forum start page, there are some issues. Check out the message at the top of the page

**i’m facing the same Problem anyone have idea when will it resolve? **

It got resolved automatically this morning.
I could not find any solution in recently asked same queries. But it gets resolved when I finally created my own question.

I am getting the same errors right now, however there seems to be no notice anymore as @Pieter mentioned…

Oh yes ı have but it is timed out + ftp not working pleasee help me

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