Connection timed out error for website made with wordpress

Hi, I need helping with a website I have made with wordpress. Trying to access the website returns a connection timed out error.

My username is epiz_2727331 and the website that I am having problems with is

I have just installed wordpress on this through Softaculous and have been unable to reach the website and the Admin url ( For both, I get a Connection Timed Out error.

Domain Checker shows that the name servers are configured correctly and also that the domain is assigned to my hosting account.

I have tried accessing the website through multiple browsers (all after clearing caches) but get the same result.


Welcome, the WP Admin page works fine from my end:

Sometimes Antivirus or ISP Firewalls can cause a timeout, but it could be your internet. Try using a different device all together.


Hi, Thank you for checking. It has now started to work at my end as well. I assume it might have had something to do with the outages experienced over the last couple of days.

Thanks again.

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