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hello admin i need your help,
I have a problem in making a connection to the database, the result is always “Connection timed out”. this my php code :

 //Mendefinisikan Konstanta
 define('PASS','HIDDEN BY MOD');

 //membuat koneksi dengan database
 $con = mysqli_connect(HOST,USER,PASS,DB);
 if (!$con) {
    die("connection: " . mysqli_connect_error());
    echo " done ";

thanks in advance

I can’t see any errors in your PHP syntax.

This is maybe only a temporary issue due to maintenance of InfinityFree servers. The error “Connection timed out” is also because of maintenance.

Kindly read this official announcement:

EDIT: Im not an Admin but Im trying to help you!

Also, if you are sure that your main IP address is not affected, consider reading and applying this:

By the way, please dont expose sensitive data on the forum.

Host is not a WEBSITE url, please remove its http :grin:


i’m sorry sir
i forgot to hide my sensitive data. coz i’m so confiuse and just click post, and i don’t know to how to edit my post, next time i’ll never do this again

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