connection refused and Monsta FTP error

Monsta gives an error when trying to read an actual file (Argument localPath must be non-zero length string. Got “”). The InfinityFree FTP works fine, and accessing it through the browser FTP works fine as well (typing an ftp:// URL).
In addition, whenever I try to access my website it refuses to connect. Chrome shows that it’s loading for a few moments, then says:
This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
Search Google for prace notifier gd

Why does this happen and how can I solve it?


Your website appears to work fine on my end, can you try again and let me know if you are still having issues.

If not, you should try connecting to FTP again and see if it works.

Best Regards,
Kieran Cairns

Your website is working fine now.

The MonstaFTP file manager has been problematic recently due to disk issues. I made some changes which should help prevent any further issues, but please let me know if you get any more errors with MonstaFTP.