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my site is SSL-certificate-valid, it is usually in secure connection as normal.
but frequently this frustrating window appears to me, then, I restart the router, then, it is back to secure connection again, and I went along with that…

BUT, once, it appeared again, I asked my friend to open the site from his mobile (on his router), and showed this frustrating window,
I restarted my router and asked him to restart his, he did, although, he didnt back to secure connection, it kept NOT PRIVATE ERROR with him, but it returned with me to normal secure connection but not with him.

EVEN IF it had been back to secure connection with him after router restart, it would be no good to construct a site that asks his clients to restart the router from time to time.

Additional Info:

  • I use VS Code. and I hit “close all FTP connections” every time I finish working.

  • My certificate is from the infinityfree CPanel.

  • my PC is low end with Windows_7 but running smoothly most of the time.

  • I less frequently have weak internet connection while coding.

  • Every php mysql connection in my scripts has its close code.

  • it showed this error window in three different browsers.

  • I am upset cuz it is not a constant error, it happens from time to time, which makes it harder to capture and find its reason. and most people dont know much about website building and hacking, so, they may think I am harming them tho i never ask my visitors to give any private info even in signing up.

Thnx in advance !

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You need this?


Your SSL is installed correctly, and the article below should solve your issue. I think the problem is that sometimes you visit the site under “HTTP” (And get the error), and sometimes you visit it under “HTTPS” (And it works). You can force the browser to load it in HTTPS, and that should solve your issue. Thanks for giving the amount of detail you did in your first post, it is appreciated.

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I think I do, I will try it hoping it helps,
Really thank you mr @KangJL !


Oh, mr @Greenreader9 , always helping me! Thank you!

But a little point:
When the error happened, I wrote the link in the link field of Chrome:-
But the problem was still there till I restarted the router, is this ok and will be solved with the .htaccess file edition ? or am I in trouble ?


Restarting the router won’t exactly help, but clearing your cache will. Also, give the .htaccess rule a few hours to start working. You should he perfectly fine :slight_smile:


yeah, according to my little knowledge, router got no rule in that, but u do the same step and see the same result every time, it makes u think again.
At the end, you believe in what u see with ur eyes…
Ok, easy for me to wait, thank you,
Pleased to dialogue with you and mr @KangJL

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