Connection issues


Yesterday, I was browsing through my website and suddenly, I got a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. ( is the domain)

I still can’t access the website because of that. Is it a DDoS attack/nameserver issue and is anyone else experiencing this?

i’m using Cloudflare’s nameservers but they seem to work fine


EDIT: MonstaFTP transfers show a 404 Not Found error and Cyberduck FTP connections show DNS lookup/connection error.


I guess the IP has changed
now is

as far as I can see, your custom NS currently returns the correct IP (

Screenshot 2023-02-26 120443

Screenshot 2023-02-26 120410

and I assume that your device left the old IP in the DNS cache and it needs time to retrieve new values


When I remove the Cloudflare nameservers, the site loads, but when i’m using Cloudflare nameservers, it doesn’t. I’m experimenting with the nameservers and I just set both Cloudflare and nameservers to see if anything changes.

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check if the A records in the DNS section on Cloudflare contain this IP

NOTE - each change in DNS takes time to become active


No, they don’t. The only A records it has is ns1 and ns2 I created, which point to and as adviced by MOFH.

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You should have mentioned MOFH right away :slight_smile:


Ah, so what should I do? (is MOFH problematic with Cloudflare?)

I’m not familiar with MOFH, so I can’t answer you.
Please wait for someone else’s answer (you probably won’t wait long).

So, Cloudflare is now installed on the domain and nothing works once again. HTTP ERROR 500

Oh, alright.



Please note that this is the InfinityFree support forum. We can only provide assistance to InfinityFree members here. We’re not here to help setup competing web hosting providers because they are unable to manage their own domain name correctly. As a hosting provider, you should know those things yourself.