Connection Issues

username: epiz_26999703 (

error message: " refused to connect."

I have my domain linked to InfinityFree with the nameservers correctly configured, but when I visit my website nothing shows up. How can I fix this?

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I cut/pasted the URL into my browser (Firefox) and went to the site showing below. I can’t remember exactly what is needed, somebody who knows more than we do will post what’s needed to fix it.

FYI the news.html is SSL, the other ones aren’t (login.html, home.html, and register.html) those pages on the site do come up, only news.html has a Secure Connection Failed page.


How did you get access to see the website?

I am from the United States in the EST timezone, is it not working because of my location?

When I visit it it says this: (screenshot below)

Pls clr your cache


I am in the USA, midwest, CST, first try what @KangJL suggested, the “This site can’t be reached” is in the cache of your computer, clear the cache, then type the URL of your site in the address bar of a new tab/window and press enter.

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Maybe try to access using VPN? it’s something related to the backend side of site while clearing cache will only clear cache of frontend.


It still won't work.

Have you tried using incognito? Using Control+f5, using mobile data?

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It says “refused to connect”, which may indicate it’s not a DNS issue, but an issue with the network connection between you and the server.

What do you see if you navigate to ? If you see “403 Forbidden”, that means the connection if OK. If you see the same error as you do on your website, that means there is a connection issue.


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