Connecting Wix Domain through A and CNAME to InfinityFree

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Username is epiz_27046795
Domain that i want to point out is jnntcs-epizy-com
Domain from wix that i want to use jnntcs-com

Error Message

There are no error message, but when i wait for 24 hours. I point my wix domain using A and CNAME Records to the IP Address of my account.

The image below shows what i do.

The DNS Record that i changed from wix is
A (Host)
Host Name Value TTL
jnntcs-com 185-27-134-218 1 Hour

CNAME (Aliases)
Host Name Value TTL
www-jnntcs-com jnntcs-epizy-com 1 Hour

I wait for 24 hours. When i check my domains inside of wix, it shows “Your domain is set to point away from WIX”. Which means my configuration is changed

When i access my website, It still shows the every time i input

Although wix is pointing out my domain inside of infinityfree but not showing my actual website just like this.

Is there any tips to fix this? or should i wait for it to work? I just created this account yesterday. Thanks for the help in advance

You need to add the domain to the system pointing to a random IP doesn’t work, the page is for domains which are suspended or not configured to work on the system.
How to add your own domain to your account - Docs - InfinityFree Forum


Wix, as far as I know, doesn’t support changing nameservers; so to add your domain in a hosting account and if you purchased your domain from Wix just today, you need to wait 90 days, then unlock it and then transfer it to a domain registrar which supports changing nameservers.


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