Connecting with Unity Issue

Website URL


Error Message

Curl error 52: Empty reply from server

Other Information

When I try to connect unity with that link I get that error and you can see the link works just as expected and unity also works as it has to, bc unity works good with other websites but when I connect it with that link I get that error I checked unity with unity support and it just works fine and it really don’t get response I used Fiddler too and it says the website is not sending response but it must send bc it must say smth like Email already exists and I use $_POST and unity code and php code are good I tried both the php and unity with other websites and they worked but not here

Check your code


You know that its $_POST right? so I need to use POST method when I send a request not just enter it and it must work without doing anything and when I use POST method with unity it gives me that error, but if you want to see if its working with the POST method use this html link: after using it, it will redirect you to the RegisterUser.php but with a valid indexes bc the POST method

Oh, I think I found the issue: it’s our security system that blocks queries from Unity from running on your website:

Since you don’t have a custom domain, there’s nothing you can do to bypass it, other than upgrading to Premium Hosting. But if you don’t have money and want a custom domain you can use on Cloudflare, you can get one from or PP.UA (that one if you have a credit card with some cents left on it and a valid phone number), even though I doubt it’ll work because cURL requests are blocked entirely even if you use it.


If I bought custom domain will it work? I can get some money for that I just want it to work but without big budget

I said I doubt it’ll work, because cURL requests are still blocked entirely on free hosting regardless of whether you use Cloudflare or not. You might get it to work if you put a browser user agent on it if you configure Cloudflare, but even then our hosting is intended as a website hosting, not as a hosting for your game files and databases.


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