Connecting to MySQL server out of Infinity Free network

Well, just a little bit of help needed. I am hosting a game server from my VPS and I’m using the VPS’s MySQL to store player’s data. Now I want to access it through my website, but the table i want to display is blank. And I’m hosting the website using Infinity Free as I want the website to run even if the VPS ends. Please help.

Well, By default, MySQL system is not listening for external connections.And to enable external connection you might add some settings to your MYSQL server in your VPS

If you’ve configured it already, then there might be an issue with your codes.


If you use MySQL, Edit the /mysql.cnf file, If not edit the mariadb.cnf file, And change the

From, To to listen on all interfaces, and when creating a user, Instead of

Which makes the root user ONLY accesible through localhost, use


Which makes root listen on all interfaces.

If you need more help, Feel free to PM me.


I get what you guys are saying, but I later tried using the epizy MySQL to be accessed remotely that too doesn’t happen… And I have my MySQL configured properly as I am already accessing it remotely through my PC too.


uhh :frowning:. nevermind i’ll look up for something else

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