Connecting to my external domain this is normal

Website URL theminishop.great-site net external domain netivca com

Error Message

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when I go inside the web site form my domain I already set up the domain server of infinity there ns1 and ns2 , here control panel addon device , I am doing something incorrect? , I already flush the dns i am lost after 7 years without making a website lol

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You need to upload files to the /htdocs directory.

Hi there!
Could you please explain more clearly as the question didn’t really make much sense.

if you see i want the page to be netivca com the minishop is already working I trying to target the same site or eliminate theminishop and convert to netivca

i dont want to forward it i want to set it like primary

right now i have this ||/home/vol6_5/||
| — | — | — |
but supose to be /home/vol6_5/ i am not sure now i am more confuse look i tangeting incoretly

You can just use Parked Domain menu (not Addon Domain) on your hosting panel.

That’s not how additional domains are set up on our hosting. You need to upload your files not to the htdocs/ folder, but to the one. That’s the folder you can also see in the file manager.

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but the host htdocts was pre-installed , what i do to solution this was , Staging WordPress , that duplicate the web and co locate in the right folder the question is now to separate between the original and the new one i need to set it live correct?

As far as I understood you want the contents of to netivca com.
Move the contents from htdocs to folder and your site will show the contents you want.



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