Connecting my domain name to

I wanted to connect my domain name to my website on, they gave me CNAMES to add to here where my domain is hosted, I have tried but failed, please help me

Welcome back to the forum! You can only connect a custom domain to that service if it’s not a subdomain of our hosting platform. If you don’t have a custom domain, you can get a free one from or PP.UA.


Thank you for your support, my domain name is root domain not a subdomain. they gave me @ CNAME records, what should I do please?

You’ll have better luck changing the nameservers back to your domain registrar’s DNS, then configure the CNAME records there if there is an ALIAS record functionality on your registrar’s panel, or just add the www version of the domain instead of the non-www version of the domain. Just to make sure, what is your domain name so I can help you better?

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Here is my domain name:

OK, it’s not a subdomain of the free hosting platform. Now you can proceed changing the nameservers back to those of the domain registrar where you registered it, then add the CNAME records in the DNS panel there.


Thank you


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