Connecting Email To MyBB Forum?

No error on the website, but emails are not sending to users.

Hey, so I set up MyBB with InfinityFree, more specifically I installed it from Softaculous and already connected my site to a custom domain. It’s working fine, but emails are not sending to users. MyBB is using PHPMail protocol and the email specified is the gmail I created for my site. However, it wasn’t sending emails to users (for obvious reason, it doesn’t have access to my gmail) so I tried putting in a random email address at my site domain (that doesn’t actually exist) to see if it would work (I don’t know much about email protocols :P) and it didn’t either. So, I was wondering how do I connect an email to MyBB and allow it to send emails through PHPMail? I know that InfinityFree removed their email service, so I’m not sure how to do this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hey there!

The PHPMail function has been removed due to abuse. You can use SMTP though.


How do I connect an external email to MyBB? Can I do this with a Gmail or with a Zoho email?


Can I do this with a Gmail or with a Zoho email?

Did you read either of the two links I sent? Both Google and Zoho provide SMTP, so yes, it is possible. All you have to do is add the “gmail” or “zoho” to the Google search link above to get a relevant tutorial.


IIRC Zoho doesn’t provide SMTP with free accounts anymore. But Gmail should work.


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