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User: epiz_28328464

Not connect to

Thank you.

Please explain your issue in more detail than “not connect”. Your website is working fine for me.

From what I can see your website is a file hosting website. These types of websites are not allowed.


The site is not hosted by us. So I guess something on your website should connect to that site but doesn’t?

Without knowing your site, how it should connect and what you actually see, we can’t help you.

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Thank you for the answer

My site is

Problem is our servers do not connect to

everything worked fine before.


  1. You need a file called index.html or index.php to remove this directory listing on

  2. the /easy.php page seams to work fine, but I did not click any buttons (Because I don’t know what they are supposed to do)

  3. You mention:

What does this mean? What connects to Whare? And What is the connection supposed to do?


Downloading sites are not allowed on our hosting.

At least, that’s what I think it is. The code is quite hard to follow.

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