Connect my site to Oracle Database

I have a general question
Is there any ability to connect to Oracle 18 Database that is located on the oracle cloud?

Thank you in advance

We don’t have Oracle SQL drivers installed on our servers, which means our PHP stack can’t use Oracle DB. We only offer MySQL and SQLite as database options ourselves, which is why we only have drivers for those database systems.

Premium hosting does have the Oracle OCI drivers available for you to enable on your account.

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I’ll be happy to know some more about that premium hosting. I checked and I didnt see any option of Oracle on the cPanel (I pressed the learn more option and then the cPanel demo) Can you add a link to see the options available?

Premium hosting doesn’t include Oracle DB hosting, so you won’t find it as a cPanel section. But in the Select PHP Version interface, you can see that various oci extensions are available. These extensions are required to connect to Oracle DB from PHP. So if you enable one of those extensions, you should be able to connect to an Oracle DB server from your website hosted there.

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OK thank you for the reply.
I will try
Does it matter what package of the premium hosting I subscribe to check this ability?
If it is something you cant answer here, can you please give me a link or mail of someone who can give this information?
Thank you

I think all packages(PREMIUM) have that.

I am not sure,Admin or staff will help you

Thank you for that information

I think all premium plans have it, but you could ask iFastNet to be sure. Just to be clear: iFastNet is the company who provide the premium hosting. I can tell you something about their service, but I’m just an iFastNet customer in the end. If you want to be sure, ask iFastNet.

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OK tahnk you
Ill ask
And in any case the max I pay between $5-$10 for one month and if it wont fit my needs i cancel and not continue to other months :slight_smile:

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