Connect my own domain to free account

I were wondering if I could connect my own domain name to my free account by updating the name servers to point to my website?

Hello there,

Yes you can but first you must add the domain in the “Addon Domains” in order for your domain to be registered on the system so the system will give all the necessary stuff for your domain.

You can find the “Addon Domains” settings by going to the Control Panel of your hosting account and under the “Domains” section.

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Ah lovely
I were wondering though just in the addon domains thing now, it says it creates a new folder within the root directory so that means it’ll be separate from the current directory where my site is installed right?


Alright so I’d need to re-install the website into the new directory or could I just move the current installation over?

You could simply move all the files to the new directory.

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Lovely, cheers guys :slight_smile:

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