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How can I host a custom domain without changing the nameservers?
I have set up a client’s website using but they already have their DNS set up with mail at Cloudflare. I cannot change the NS as their mail will stop working. Is there some other way I can do this?

Hi and welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, there is no way you can add a domain in with just an A record pointing to the website’s IP. You’ll have to change the nameservers temporarily to ours, then add your domain there, then change them back to Cloudflare and point your domain to the website IP shown on the Client Area.


Thanks for the reply.

so you’re saying

  1. change nameservers to Infinity ns
  2. add domain
  3. change nameservers back to cloudflare
  4. point A record from cloudflare to server IP shown in client area

I’ve noticed somewhere that the website IP shown in client area can change at any given moment.

Also their emails will be disrupted for a while right?


It’s not dynamic; it’ll still be the same.

For until you change the nameservers back to Cloudflare.


I appreciate the help. I will most likely do this.


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