Connect a domain to infinityfree but also cloudflare

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I registered a domain on namecheap and want to connect it to infinityfree. I did that by using nameservers. But I also want dns to work so I can set up things like email, and the email service doesn’t allow dns records to be put on the hosting platform, only the domain registrar. so I connected my domainto cloudflare and set up my dns stuff. but I’m having trouble connecting it to infinityfree through cloudflare. I added an NS dns records and put the nameservers for infinityfree in, but infinityfree won’t recognize that they’re there. Can someone help please?
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Note: For some reason, if you go to my website, its the default page for another service I had tried but didn’t work and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I removed my domain from that service but I dunno.

Does not work this way

Your domain needs to be to set to and from your registrar first.
Once done you should be able to add domain to hosting account

Then follow this guide this guide to use CloudFlare


That worked! Thanks!

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