Confusing: Two Different Usernames/Passwords

###in above website i input my user/pass and it won’t let me in. I copied/pasted password from control panel, it still won’t let me in.

I told it to send me a password reset link to my email (10 times!) And i have not gotten a single email in my inbox.

What am i doing wrong?

To login to the control panel, please use the “Control Panel” button in the client area.

Most likely you messed it up, so click the edit settings button on the account viewer in the client area and change the account password. Wait 5 minutes, then click the “Control Panel” button again.

This will not work

Due to this

Did you try this?!_What_can_I_do


Thank you for your response. I’m trying these methods now and i hope one works.

Where exactly do i find my sign-in info to my forum?

If you install SMF (or any other software) through Softaculous, then you may find the admin credentials of your site in the Installation Details page in Softaculous

If you installed the site by hand, then we don’t have credentials for your site at all. Some sites use some sort of default password, but most ask you for admin credentials during installation.


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