Confirmation on features available of SQL database

hi, will out hosting provides or have access on MySQL scheduled events as i was working on a project and some data need to be removed or delete automatically from mysql entry
(example: room_id of a game or storing a id cache for temporary use)
As my project has a requirement of the EVENT privilege to be executed to delete entry.


Also saw a new post about MariaDB is it different from MySQL or will it effect all old projects that stores databases and data. how to use it, is there any documentation

I believe most advanced MySQL features like views, triggers, functions and procedures are not supported here. You may want to consider premium hosting


should i have to proceed with cron jobs

do you means Events are not supported in free hosting :sleepy: :sleepy: :pensive:

Yes, using cron jobs is an option


do you know any other easiest way same like cron jobs to automatically remove record

Not any way that would be easier

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ok i will use cron jobs thanks

can we run shell() or shell_exec() command in php is it available to our hosting

No, those are blocked, as well as all other command-line functions



can we use web sockets js libraries in our hosting, is it allowed @Admin in our hosting
actually i want to implement cdn in my project will it is allowed to use

Websocket features are allowed in this hosting

We don’t support Node.js on our servers, so you can’t run the server with us. And although premium hosting support Node.js, they run Node.js through the Passenger application server, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t support something like websockets either.


can we use jsons files and firebase integrations atleast

Of course, that’s no problem. JSON is just a text file with a special format and Firebase is just an external API to connect to. None of them really require any server side features to be enabled or integrated.


thank you

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