Configuration problem with a purchased domain

Good evening, I have acquired a domain (namesilo), I have tried to configure guiding from a publication that I have seen, I would like you to help me regarding this, my page is and the domain is

Hello there,

So what do you want us to help you with exactly? What configuration do you need help with? Setting nameservers? Adding your purchased domain to your hosting account? Also what and when did you encounter the problem, did it show an error?

What I want is that the page is displayed with the domain that I have acquired

So you want to display the same content from your subdomain “” to your paid domain “”?

yes exactly that’s what i want

Alright. Then you will need to download all your content in your “htdocs” folder of your old website using an FTP client like Filezilla (Absolutely recommended) to your local device and then upload your downloaded files to your new website using the an FTP client.

If you’re using WordPress then you’ll still have to configure some additional details like your MySQL database info and your WP homepage URL.


what I want to know is how to configure the DNS, I have been watching on the internet and mentioned something about changing the “cname” “records” and I have not understood how to do that.

Oh you meant about that but there’s one problem though since as far as what I know you cannot create a CNAME record for your root domain "”to point to your subdomain “” because the root domain must use an “A” record that points to the server IP address. For subdomains it should work, like “”, you can create a CNAME record for it which points to your old site “”.

For example, you can do it like this:

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Hello, thanks for answering. What I need is for the page to work and show what it has there (text, image and video link) of my free page Since currently when entering the page of the purchased domain ( it appears that “you cannot access this website”, as if the page did not exist. So with that I understand that I need to configure something, but I don’t know what exactly … what I found on the internet I don’t know if it is really the solution, since they mention something about “cname” (I don’t know what it is) and I don’t know if it is what i need for my problem. Excuse my bad English, I am using a translator

I checked your domain and it’s still not using InfinityFree’s nameservers which are:

Please change your nameservers to the ones above ^ in your registrar which is NameSilo.

Here is an article from NameSilo which should help you out:


Thanks, I just added the server names you mentioned, it tells me I should wait 1-48 hours, so I will wait.
By the way 24 hours ago I modified “cname”, now I don’t know if that was right or wrong, here is an attached screenshot

This is not name sever try this: How to point your domain name to InfinityFree nameservers - Docs - InfinityFree Forum and then add it as parked domain in control panel the record you maked is cname not ns


Hi! Thanks for replying, I have already added the 2 server names. The one of the screenshot that I sent is of “dns records”, 24 hours ago I modified there the “cname” because I wanted to give a free SSL certificate ( to the domain that had bought.

As far as I am aware you won’t have any control over dns records from your domain management panel once you change nameservers.
You will have to do that dns configuration like setting up cname record from hosting account with which you attached your domain.


Please note that the DNS Records editor from NameSilo only controls the DNS records in the nameservers of NameSilo. If you’ve changed your nameservers to those of another provider, you need to setup any DNS records with that other provider. So if you’re using our nameservers, you can setup CNAME records through our control panel.


Hello!! It’s been 2 days since I changed the “server name” and even my page doesn’t work “” why is this happening? I would like to know what happens, since, I have already bought the domain and I have already made all the changes suggested to me.

Have you already added it as an Addon Domain?

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Thanks for answering, could you tell me where it is added?

I just added what you said. But the page “” still doesn’t work

Great, the page “” already seems to show some results. Does it mean that now I have to upload everything I had in “suichiyuri . epizy .com” to the new domain or will it be passed only in hours? Excuse ignorance, I’m new to this
genial work

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