Configurar registros DNS

Esse registro tá errado, não pode ter esse espaço ali, lá no Cname daí tem q tirar o espaço, aí ja n se sabe e vai funcionar.

Hello there, and welcome! Please type in English in the future. The record is not wrong, and there is no space, make sure you copy it exactly! Also, please note that there are ongoing SSL errors, so you will probably get a “Not Found” error.

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Se eu copiar exatamente, da erro no Cname.

E já faz um tempão que n fica verde, ta desde sexta vermelho.

Again, please type in English or use a translator. You just need to copy and paste, the same way you did for the first one. Can you please screenshot the error that you get?

New users cannot upload attachments.
I made the video, but I can’t upload it because I’m a new user

Upload it to YouTube and paste the link here. I don’t think you can upload videos anyway, I think it is restricted to image and other smaller files.

Here’s the video of a doubt of mine, it’s been red since Friday, so I don’t know if this could be wrong, or is it normal.

That is weird… Normally, the second check does take longer to verify, so keep the updated record on there and see if it right tomorrow, if not, it may be something that only admin can fix.

Ok, I’ll wait until tomorrow, and if it doesn’t change, I’ll come back here for you to see what can be done

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I believe that it’s an error in translation with your browser.

It’s supposed to be “_acme-challenge”

“desafio” is a literal translation of challenge.


Your right! I thought something looked off! @fabiooliver, please make that “desafio _amc” into “_acme-challenge”


Ah sim, vdd, vou fazer isso aí.

I put it on the original page, without translation, I didn’t even realize it was affecting the records. Thanks, now I’ll wait and see if you go.

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